dimanche 16 octobre 2016

Yoga session in a Jungle place for 3 days detox.

Blue Indigo Cottage strives to offer a holistic approach to yoga integrating physical postures, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. Students are encouraged to develop their own home practice. at Secrets of Elephants Lodge , you will feel surrounded with life and light. There’s so much light to be found at Angkor literally and metaphorically. it's a graceful feminine energy that quiets the mind, especially in the Jungle, amazing spirit moments for a yoga !

When ? 

August:          every Monday  every Friday

September:   every Monday   every Friday

October:        every Monday    every Friday

November:    every Monday    every Friday

groups mini: 6 pax

This Center is a space dedicated to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. For this reason we ask you to maintain a positive and sensible attitude throughout your stay. This involves putting aside critical opinions, judgments and being ready to challenge habitual manners of thinking.Each retreat is seen as an opportunity to study ourselves, while making room for growth and personal development. In order to preserve a stable group energy, thank you for attending at least one Yoga session a day as well as all the Philosophy and Meditation classes.We commit to do our best to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable.

Don’t hesitate to share your concerns, doubts or questions.

While staying in our retreat, you have access to 5 sessions everyday (Hatha yoga, Nidra, Lectures,Meditation,mindfulness yoga & yoga therapy, Flow yoga ), and you are able to book additional sessions (Ashtanga, Yin yoga, thai yoga, flying yoga) if you choose to as an extension to the standard package, for 6 usd/ class.

  • Am 6 to 7.30:Garden Sala: Pranayama (Breathing exercises) and Hatha yoga for all levels. 
  • Am 9  to 10 :White Sala: Lecture holistic yoga
  • Am 11to 12 :White sala: Mindfulness & yoga Therapy
  • Pm 4.00 to 5 :Garden Sala: Meditation or Yoga Nidra 
  • Pm 6.00 to 7 :Garden Sala: Yoga Vinyasa 
  • Additional: 6usd/class
  • Pm 5 to 6: Ashtanga [ advance] 
  • Pm 5 to 6: Fly /Aerial yoga
  • Pm 5 to 6: Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga for Weight Loss & Wellness Program by Krishna
  • Am 10 to 11 or pm 6 to 7 - 12 sessions - each class 8 usd

  • In addition to the above daily schedule, we have occasional events such as chanting or outings to practice in spiritual places in small temples around Angkor wat.

    The retreat includes breakfast and lunch. Food is homemade Khmer style, with vegan and vegetarian options. It is low to moderately spicy, but can be adjusted easily for your taste.
    Typically, breakfast includes detox mix juice, fresh juice, fresh fruits, french bread, local honey, porridge, oat-meal, tea and coffee.
    Lunch is usually simple and light with raw and cooked options, like Pomelo salad, banana leaf salad, fish Amok (local specialty), curries, baked or stir-fried vegetables, rice,…

    Siem Reap has lots of food options minutes from the retreat, so having dinner outside is an opportunity to explore.

    *Water and Tea Facilities free in the cottage
    *Wireless Internet in cottage and retreat center
    *We have a free pickup for your arrival.

    For booking, just 50 usd deposit, by Paypal, and your fly schedule, and final payment in cash when you arrive.

    Don’t hesitate to share your concerns, doubts or questions. 


    The cottage Blue Indigo is very well located, 10 minutes away from the Siem Reap riverside.
    Secrets of Elephants Lodge, is at 55 km to siem reap, front of the water fall. 


    Seven wooden cottages, each 30 m2, with a big ceiling fan to keep the atmosphere cool. Lovely bathroom with shower and a double bed, with a tule mosquito net. Confortable, with wood furniture . The cottages are in quiet space with trees and flowers for a lovely atmosphere.
    In the center of the property there is a 100 m2 sala, for yoga and meditation theravada. This sala is built traditional materials, very well ventillated.
    There is a restaurant space, very shady, for breakfasts, lunches or dinners. We also offer a relaxation room, for the well being of the body. The thevada massage are renown in Cambodia.


    Meals are shared in a garden, friendly atmosphere, simplicity and friendship and at no charge. These are mainly vegetarian meals Khmer, with many seasonal fruits and vegetables, of course rice, but also for those who love fishs, and shrimps.
    These meals are perfectly balanced and participate in body balance and spiritual of each. Breakfast is adapted to Westerners, and consists of a buffet, drinks at invigorating, natural yoghurt, cambodian honey, different savory or sweet dishes, like carrots cake or soybeans based dishes. 
    Teas are speciality and mixes of the house, with flower aromas. Coffee, fresh lemon juice and passion fruit, grapefruit and mangoes accompany a fruit platter for your meals. Salads of green mangoes, bananas or flowers are offered very often. Grapefruit and papaya are used as the bases of detox meal. We offer healthy menus where lemon and cucumber are very important.

    What’s included

    • Transport from downtown Siem Reap or at the airport when you arrive at your cottage retreat center
    • Free access wifi
    • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • Vegetarian food
    • Detox session for your stay
    • Access to the water fall
    • yoga sessions
    • 3 nights package
    • Mates is provide
    • Water is provide
    • drink is provide

    Know before you go

    Transfer from airport and bus station is included in the prices.

    Additional information
    For more information, ask your questions directly to Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center who will be happy to assist you. email address: blueindigozencottage@gmail.com

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